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3 Keys to a Successful Social Media Marketing System

3 Keys to a Successful Social Media Marketing System

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Social Media is fast moving. It takes a consistent organization to stay up to date. It’s an ongoing education, each and every day, to stay on top of your game and to stand out from the rest. The internet houses too many resources and information were accessible to the general public. It’s no wonder that an emerging entrepreneur can get overwhelmed! Suddenly you’ve over-complicated the strategy of your social media marketing system.

I’ve been in the social media realm since some of these platforms first appeared –  such as Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress. It has evolved over the last decade and has required us to be one of the fastest moving cultures.

You can quickly get sucked into the algorithm game by using “workaround strategies” or how to “work the system.” It doesn’t have to be a constant struggle or firefighting. There’s a more relaxed approach to this by being conscious of your productivity and organization.

3 Keys to a Successful Social Media Marketing System

1. Don’t over-complicate; keep it simple

An efficient organization system’s secret weapon is to remain flexible while being lightweight. The key to success is keeping it simple. Then you can add structure to it as needed. How can you determine what is required? By knowing if it is a critical piece of your strategic plan. To keep from over-complicating things, here are a few tips for keeping it simple:

  1. Set goals within your social media marketing plan.
    • What do you aim to accomplish?
    • How will you get there?
    • What will be your measure of success and ROI?
  2. Create a Content Calendar that is shared with your team.
    • Plan your content proactively maintains your goals.
    • Look for potential gaps and issues that can be fixed before it manifests to a more significant problem.

When you come into it with a plan, you can keep things relatively simple and clean with your eyes on your goals. This keeps you from getting distracted and veering off the path that you’ve set out for yourself.

2. Increase Quality of Organization

I’m an advocate for quality over quantity. It’s not just about how many posts you should have. It’s also about the quality of those posts and if it answers the calls of your audience.

The more you target the channels to focus on (which social media channels to be active on) instead of focusing on everything, you can become masterful in that space.

Make sure that your social media strategy includes: 

  • Key channels that keep your social media categorized and clean.
  • Improvement plan to declutter and audit your results periodically.
  • Monitoring your audience to know where they’re spending their time.
  • Not spending hours performing your quality controls.

3. Adopt Your Own System

Every business has its differences in the “same” systems. How they use it may be sufficient for them, but it may not be adequate for you. A strong systemizer will know how to match ideas and functions into their comfort zone. No matter how fantastic the system is, it’s useless if you do not use it.

Before you adopt the system, test the system to confirm if the system will work for you. If 70% of the system is operable in your business, adopt that 70%. You can then pair it up with a system that compliments it, completing your social media workflow.

The best marketing business systems will be ones that:

  • Make you comfortable and enjoy using it.
  • Is effective 90% of the time.
  • Increases your productivity and automation.
  • Is easy to learn.

Automate with Care

Some amazing tips and tricks help you maintain efficiency in your social media marketing system. Many of the suggestions include ways on how to automate your workflow. There are many workflows that you can automate, and there are some that you shouldn’t automate, such as autoresponders through direct messages on platforms such as Instagram, and Twitter. This may be efficient, but it does not build or nurture your relationships that you’re aiming to achieve in the online space.

Your Move

Which of the 3 keys have you found success within your social media system? Join the conversation and share your experience on my Facebook page and hear how others have benefited from their systems. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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