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Client Experience VS Customer Service: What’s The Difference?

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Not long ago, I realized there was a gap in the market that I serve as an Operations Coachsultant™. That gap was client experience (CX).

So many of my clients had an amazing product or service, but were struggling to optimize their delivery to retain customers long-term and consistently deliver a five-star experience.

But the more I have discussed client experience, the more I have realized the importance of clarifying exactly what it is.

There are so many terms that are often used interchangeably that are, in fact, not the same at all.

Today I’ll be shedding some light on each of these facets and taking a closer look at the importance of client experience.

What is Client Experience?

The definition of client experience is “the perception your client has about their interactions with your business”.

There are many different elements that contribute to how your clients perceive your brand, including:

  • Personalized communication
  • Consistent service delivery
  • Convenient and timely customer support
  • A memorable brand personality
  • Effective feedback gathering

Essentially, anything related to how you care for, communicate with, or contribute to your clients can impact their client experience.

What is Customer Service?

Customer service refers to any person-to-person interaction that occurs between a member of your team and a client, either before, during, or after a sale.

This can include telephone calls, online chat conversations, face-to-face discussions, or any form of communication where the goal is to provide the client with support.

Client Experience VS Customer Service

Now that we have defined each term, let’s take a closer look at what separates the two.

Here are a few of the primary differences:

1. Customer Service is Part of the Client Experience

How you interact with your clients while providing them with support contributes to their perception of your business. Therefore, it is a key aspect of their client experience. When thinking about both terms, it’s important to remember that customer service is a piece of the greater puzzle that is the experience you provide to your clients.

2. Client Experience is an Impression, Customer Service is an Action

When confused by customer service VS client experience, this is another great way to separate the two. Client experience is what your client thinks and feels about their experiences with your business. Customer service, by contrast, is the act of caring for your clients and is something your team does.

3. Big Picture VS Single Component

Client experience refers to the entire involvement a customer has had with your business, from beginning to end. Customer service, however, refers to task-specific interactions, like re-scheduling a meeting with a client because they had a family emergency arise.

While a client may have a series of customer service interactions with your brand, they are not the only part of the client experience. Additionally, customer service interactions have a clear beginning and end, while your client experience never-eneding. Even after a client ends their service agreement with you, they will have a perception of your brand.

The Importance of Client Experience

There is a distinct reason why creative consultants should focus on client experience VS customer service.

That reason is all about point of view.

Client experience looks at your service delivery in its entirety. It considers all components.

When you optimize your client experience, you are ensuring that every touch point is designed to provide your clients with a positive, memorable, and worthwhile encounter.

From informative e-newsletters, to engaging social media posts, to personalized thank-you cards and exclusive resources, a high-impact client experience ensures every point of contact is considered and accounted for.

Back To You

As you can see, the difference between client experience and customer service is significant. And the importance of client experience is obvious as soon as you consider its benefits.

To put the impact of client experience into more pragmatic terms, companies that lead in CX outperform laggards by nearly 80 per cent.

That’s an incredible competitive advantage!

Are you ready to deliver a 5-star experience to EVERY client, EVERY time?

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