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How to Tell When Your CX Strategy Has Lost It’s Humanity

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When a creative consultant decides to invest in developing a client experience strategy, one of the first things they think about are the systems they’ll need to deliver their new experience.

As an Operations Coachsultant™ myself, I spent a great deal of my time helping my clients identify and implement the right tools and platforms for their businesses.

My point?

Systems are important.

Every CX strategy needs them.

But they are only half of the equation.

When it comes to what makes a great client experience, there is a “human factor” that should never be overlooked— but quite frequently is.

Today, I’ll be discussing why humanity is so crucial to the success of your CX strategy and sharing some simple (yet highly effective) ways to add compassion and consideration to your customer success process.

The Importance of Humanity in Client Experiences

Systems allow us to streamline processes, complete tasks more efficiently, and eliminate gaps in our service delivery. But what they can’t do is connect with your clients on a human level.

To fully understand the importance of humanity in client experiences, we must first have a clear understanding of what humanity is. In terms of client experience, humanity means:

  • Showing empathy when interacting with customers
  • Being accountable to your clients and addressing your mistakes
  • Personalized customer service
  • Communicating in a way that is authentic and personable
  • Prioritizing people over profit

Now that we’ve clarified what humanity is, let’s take a closer look at why it matters.

Your Clients Expect a Person-To-Person Experience

Yes, we are living in a digital world. But does that mean everything should be digitalized?

You may be surprised by what the data says.

Here Are Some Compelling CX Facts to Consider:

  • 82 percent of U.S. and 74 percent of non-U.S. consumers want more human interaction from brands in the future. (Source)
  • 59 percent of consumers think that brands have lost touch with the human element of Customer Experience. (Source)
  • 67 percent of consumers prefer to receive customer service from a real person. (Source)

These figures show that clients care about how they are served and are seeking out brands who meet their expectations.

Compassionate Client Experiences Cultivate Trust

Customer service is the number one reason consumers choose to trust a company. (Source)

Why does this matter?

Well, first of all, 63 percent of customers choose to do business with authentic brands over those that aren’t as transparent in their interactions. (Source)

Additionally, 98 percent of consumers are more inclined to make a purchase from a brand that engages them in a genuine and memorable way. (Source)

By focusing on providing a personable and thoughtful customer experience, creative consultants can gain loyal clients and extend the life cycle of each sale.

Your CX Strategy is Your Greatest Competitive Advantage

80 per cent of businesses expect to compete mainly based on CX in 2020 and beyond. (Source)

For businesses who do not yet have a customer success process in place, this is cause for concern— and a great reason to begin investing now.

For those who do have a CX strategy, it’s the ultimate motivation to fine-tune and deliver the best client experience possible.

But don’t worry, the hard work will pay off.

81 percent of businesses with a strong client experience report that they outperform their competition!

How to Tell When Your CX Strategy Has Lost It’s Humanity

Knowing the signs is half the battle.

Below are some red flags I encourage all creative consultants to consider when determining if their strategy is missing a personal touch:

  • Your customer success process prioritizes speed over relationship building
  • Your client churn rate is increasing
  • Your e-newsletters and other forms of client communications aren’t personalized to each individual
  • You have no system in place for rewarding loyal clients
  • As the leader of your business, you rarely respond to client complaints personally and almost never monitor social media comments, phone calls, etc.
  • You can’t remember the last time you compiled client feedback and used it to inform your customer success process
  • Client communications often get lost between departments, team members, etc.
  • You are rarely proactive in reaching out to your clients and the majority of your communications are in response to a problem or inquiry
  • You keep poor client notes and haven’t taken the time to understand your clients on a deeper level
  • You over-promise and under-deliver

If any of these indicators apply to your business, I highly encourage reevaluating your CX strategy and brainstorming ways to make your client success journey more genuine and engaging.

Starting Your CX Strategy From Scratch?

My “WOW Your Clients” Playbook is a fully-customizable document that includes everything you need to create the best-in-class experience your clients deserve.

Each downloadable playbook includes:

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