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5 Commitment-Worthy Business Tools for Creative CEOs

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There is an endless supply of online tools, software programs, and internet-based platforms available to business owners. One Google search will return pages and pages of options, all of which offer their own unique features and benefits.

For creative CEOs, in particular, this vast pool of programs to choose from can be overwhelming.

Creative businesses are built upon a foundation of passion, curiosity, and artistry. Their mission, vision, and values can be deepy personal, especially for the business owner who started the business.

Additionally, creative business owners are often solopreneurs, supporting their clients in a consultancy role or providing services entirely on their own.

For these individuals, making a commitment to a strategy, structure, or system is one that demands deep consideration. Creative CEOs need to know that the solutions they are investing in can meet their unique—and often-evolving—requirements.

As an Operations Coachsultant™ that specializes in helping creative CEOs, contractors, and consultants expand with excellence, I am dedicated to providing these trailblazing and talented souls with cutting-edge tools and solutions that can not only meet their functional needs, but support the imaginative and visionary nature of their work.

This was my motivation for compiling today’s list of tools— all of which are intentionally-designed to be best-suited for creative businesses.

I highly encourage giving them a try!

5 Business Tools for Creative CEOs

1. Pic Tap Go (Social Media)

Creative business owners are intensely invested in how their brand appears to their target market. Marketing and brand identity components like logos, color schemes, and yes—even social media photos— all need to have a cohesive aesthetic.

Pic Tap Go is one of the leading tools for creative entrepreneurs who are looking to enhance and unify the appearance of their social media profiles. It is a convenient, user-friendly app that includes more than 70 stackable filters.

Want to make your photos bright, crisp and airy? No problem!

Do you prefer vibrant, striking photos in neon hues? There’s a filter for that too.

Plus, Pic Tap Go makes the entire editing and sharing process a breeze— no complicated steps or tedious uploading processes. Just quick and easy photos your followers will love!

2. LinkTree (Social Media)

If you’re active on Instagram, LinkTree is a must. It allows creative businesses to direct their followers to multiple sites, profiles, or products from their Instagram bio— a fantastic way to capitalize on your social media presence!

This tool is most commonly used on Instagram because the platform limits the number of links a business can share on their profile to just one. But you can also use your LinkTree on Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other online site or profile.

One of my favorite things about LinkTree is its simplicity. It takes just a few seconds to set up and is great for even the most novice tech users.

And lastly, LinkTree allows users to customize colors, fonts, and images, making it one of the best business tools for creatives who want to maintain brand consistency.

3. Quickbooks (Accounting)

Quickbooks is an online accounting platform that was specifically created for small business owners. The program is designed to be lean, providing the essentials without any of the unnecessary clutter.

Creative CEOs can use Quickbooks to track project profitability, organize receipts, send invoices, and complete all of the fundamental financial tasks associated with running a business.

Quickbooks also integrates with a ton of other platforms and applications, including Google Calendar, PayPal, Stripe, Expensify, and more. If you’re looking for a tool that will make managing your finances a seamless and ultra-smooth experience, Quickbooks is likely the platform for you.

4. Typeform (Online Surveys and Forms)

Gathering feedback from clients, employees, potential leads, etc, is critical in order to achieve continued success. The issue? Sometimes surveys can be so boring. Just seeing a long white page filled with questions can be enough to turn survey recipients away.

Typeform solves this problem. It allows creative business owners to produce engaging, visually-appealing surveys that differentiate their brands from the hundreds of other businesses their clients may be receiving requests from.

This is made possible with a wide range of features, including custom thank you screens, bold backgrounds and visual elements, and intuitive designs.
Plus, Typeform allows you to collect data about who opened your survey, what type of device they were using, and what questions they avoided.

Typeform can greatly increase your response rates and provide you with the vital information you need to tailor your services to your client’s needs. For this reason, it’s one of the best productivity tools for creative CEOs.

5. Samepage (Collaboration)

Every creative entrepreneur reaches a point where they can no longer manage their entire business alone. When this happens, it’s important to have a robust and highly-effective team communication and project management tool.

Samepage is an ideal choice, as it allows creative business owners to manage projects, delegate tasks, edit and share documents in real time, and even host video conferences— all within a single platform.

This eliminates the need for multiple tools (Trello for organization, Slack for communication, Dropbox for file sharing, etc) and allows creatives to oversee their entire operation from one master program.

You can even host slide show presentations, poll team members, and track changes to documents from within Samepage. It really is the swiss pocket knife of online collaboration tools!

If you’ve been looking for ways to simplify and systemize your creative business, Samepage is the one-stop solution you’ve been waiting for.

Interested in Learning More About How You Can Use Samepage to Expand Your Business With Excellence?

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