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A Purpose Driven Blog

A Purpose Driven Blog

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It’s great to have a website for your business, but what do you put on it other than products? There are various things that you can add to your website to engage your customers and audience long term through a Purpose Drive Blog.

Why do you need a Purpose Driven Blog?

You’re already running a business; you may already have a company website provided to you, so why else would you want another Purpose Driven Blog to manage? The simple answer is that it is probably not enough for your business and blogging has been around for so long that it will never go out of style. Blogging, if done right and well, can be one of the most productive and beneficial things you’ve done for your business. Yes, you might need to step out of your comfort zone, but trust me – it’s WORTH IT!

A Purpose Driven Blog

3 Reasons to have a Purpose Driven Blog

Blogging is more than just a website with words. Some of the greatest writers and thinkers have impacted businesses and readers by giving their resources for free through the form of blogging. There are mountains of reasons why a blog can help your business, but my top 3 are these:

1. Connecting with your customers by building a community

Unlike other social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook, blogging is personal; it keeps your customers informed through practical and in-the-know methods on your latest product offerings and gave your customers a glimpse into your internal cultures. Each blog post has an area for commenting which provides an efficient source of engagement and feedback which addresses their concerns instantly. This builds rapport immediately and gives you an excellent idea of how your customers perceive your brand and business.

2. Attract new clients Instantly

The marketing advantages of blogging are immeasurable – blogs are traffic magnets. If you do it right, you’ll gain more exposure and credibility in your business or niche through your blog topics and other blog-related activities. The more traffic you drive to your blog raises the percentage of potential customers and keeps your customers coming back. Once your trust is built with your loyal followers, it becomes easier to generate sales leads. This alone is why some of the most significant organizations are turning to their blogs as their primary source of lead generation.

3. Strengthen your Brand Image and become Industry Experts

Brands represent consistency, association, and credibility of a loyal community. There’s no better way to make yourself stand out from your competitors or others in your niche than to establish yourself as the go-to expert for any industry related issues. Post content that reflects the value of your brand, product or niche that can help people resolve their issues, offer new ideas and provide business or customer solutions through your blog posts. This keeps engagement with your brand.

The list can go on with many other ways how blogs can complement your business and brand by helping you reduce communication gaps and bridge you to your customers.

My commitment to YOU

Here I will make my commitment to my purpose driven blog is to you provide valuable resources, content, and information to help you grow your business and position you for success. After much contemplation, research and deliberation, I have decided to create this blog as a tool to help like-minded entrepreneurs like myself, get a head start on business success. I promise you that I will be here along the way, whenever you need assistance – whether it be coaching or someone to bounce ideas off of.

Here, I will share all my resources and tools with you, but firstly, I would like the opportunity to get to know you! It is a crucial aspect in helping you to achieve your goals, by understanding what drives you to succeed. I also love feedback so please leave a comment or join the conversation on this post.
Within this site, you will be able to find resources for:

  • Social Media Training
  • Marketing Training, tips, and resources
  • Daily tips for Blogging, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Coaching opportunities for BloggingFacebook, and Instagram
  • And much more!

Check back daily for the release of new training videos, toolbox talk and much more. All my resources and tools will be accessible to you now, if not in the very near future.

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