Loop Link is built upon the philosophy of "expanding excellence with simplicity".

As we continue to grow as business owners, we bring more complexity that evolves to consistent chaos. 

At the core of our mission, it's to bring you back to your first love, 
and help you reclaim your focus, family, freedom, flexibility.

When you first stepped into owning an agency, 
what did you imagine?

More chances to travel? Fewer hours at your desk? More time with your family? 

Chances are, success came fast, and your dream has turned into a nightmare. Instead of more time and freedom, you’re stressed and buried beneath a pile of work. No matter what you do, it feels like you’re the roadblock to further progress.

It may surprise you, but the chaos is a good sign.

It means your company is successful enough to face this challenge in the first place.

You’re going through some serious growing pains, but prosperity and stability is waiting for you on the other side.

This is something I’ve experienced, firsthand, too many times to count—starting with my family’s business.

When I began putting in hours at my parents’ Vietnamese restaurant at 18 I immediately inherited a problem: We served great food, but our customer service was failing. It impacted our reviews, customer satisfaction, and revenue from tips. And that meant it wasn’t an enjoyable place for all of the employees—even if the meals we served were solid. 

It didn’t take long to realize the solution wasn’t a friendlier staff or tastier noodles. We had that covered! It wasn’t about the people, it was about the systems that supported them—or didn’t. Because they weren’t working, our staff was so busy and stressed that customer service slipped through the cracks.


I listened and I organized.

I took what I learned and evaluated our restaurant. I took a 30-thousand foot view of everything we were doing and redesigned our operations from the ground up, implementing new strategies.

  • We provided carafes of water during busy meals so customers no longer had to wait on refills.
  • We established success metrics, like making sure we took a customer's order within the first 5 - 10 minutes of them sitting down.
  • We improved our communication between the front of the house and the back of the house (the kitchen) to improve order accuracy.

As a result, our subpar customer service transformed into a profitable system customers raved about— even during three busy lunchtime turnovers.

I was elated. I’d taken a sinking ship and sailed it into smooth waters, all through the power of systems and operations. Our staff was happier, my parents had more time, and the customers loved us. 

I became hooked on business-saving operations.

I moved on from my parents’ restaurant and found myself facing the same challenge time and time again: business owners who cared deeply about their work, but were burdened with frustration and on the brink of burnout. The joy had faded, and they were overwhelmed by the number of fires they needed to extinguish every day. As daily demands and financial targets took over, they slowly became unrooted from the why behind what they were doing. 

My goal was always the same as with my parents’ restaurant—to take these drained CEOs from firefighting to freedom through sanity-saving systems and operations.

The customer experience remained at the forefront. With every new situation, I asked myself, “How can I create the best possible experience for everyone involved?” Sometimes that looked like small tweaks that went a long way. Other times, it meant overhauling the entire system.

In each case, I helped CEOs close open loops and seize missed opportunities so nothing fell through the cracks.
And it worked.

Operations might not sound sexy, but they’ve allowed me to:

  • Help one business scale from $8 million to $50 million in four years.
  • Develop two software platforms that skyrocketed profitability; a "CRM" app for a home-based business, and a "turn-key management" software solution for a rental/retail organization.
  • Implement time { and energy } saving measures across a wide array of industries, from construction to coaching.
  • Win the coveted 5-Star Certification from Caterpillar-- only the second emergency services location in North America to do so. What's more, Caterpillar loved our full-cycle workflow so much, they made it the standard for all of the organizations they audited.
  • Support countless small business owners and CEOs in freeing up time, energy, and creativity.

Now, I fearlessly serve CEOs who want to reclaim

their freedom and flexibility, once and for all.

To me, success is making my clients’ dreams come true. I serve as an extension of their team, helping them create a business and life that reflects their core values.

And that includes myself. I’ve kept my own priorities front and center as I’ve built my own agency. I’ve designed Loop Link to allow me to be there for my own family—for my two children, my husband, and my parents.

I Stay Rooted In My Own Core ValuesAlways.

  • Faith and Family. Savior of my soul. Family comes first. 
  • Gratitude and Grace. Gratefulness unlocks the fruits of life. Always grow with Grace.
  • Freedom and Fulfillment. Give unconditionally. Serve and impact communities.
  • Excellence and Efficiency. Do things that matter, have intentionality.
  • Community and Purpose. It takes a village. Relationships open doors.

We want to empower women by providing her with tools and
support for her future growth and success. 

In line with our mission and values, Loop Link is a member of One Woman, a social enterprise that
supports women and girls to reach their full potential by giving them access to...

  • Education
  • Skills Training
  • Entrepreneurship

My biggest why is to help you rediscover yours.

Every CEO starts with a dream.
A vision. A Why.

Your dream might be buried beneath your day-to-day work, but it’s still there and your business can support it. My goal is to leverage systems so you can reconnect with your work and your vision, make a bigger impact, and get back to what you love.

Are you ready to shift from

constant firefighting to consistent focus?