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Finding Balance in a Busy Week of Work and Life

Finding Balance in a Busy Week of Work and Life

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I know first hand what it feels like to have seen growth and success. Then all of a sudden you’re cast in a place of doubt, conflict, and stress. Knowing that pain and struggle, I want to help you grow to see your next 5 years, 10 years and more. One of the first steps to gaining control of your time is to find a balance in a busy week of work and life.

Do you feel like you’re constantly working and missing out on the rest of life? You’re not alone in feeling this way. These days, many North Americans work long hours without taking breaks and then continue to work even after they’ve left the office for the day. Fortunately, there are ways to break this cycle.

Finding Balance in a Busy Week of Work and Life

In my professional life, I haven’t always done the best job of balancing my private life with the needs of my career. The balance was a cycle, and it’s subjective. I haven’t always been attentive to my loved ones and even though that it wasn’t necessary because I was the so-called breadwinner. To help you avoid this, I’m sharing these tips with you to achieve balance in a busy week between work and life.

Late Night Emails

This is a common scenario: You are sitting at home watching TV with your family, and your work phone lights up with a notification. This has happened to me a thousand times in the past, and it is almost always problematic. Bringing your work home and taking emails at all hours takes time away from your family life. Try these steps to avoid this:

  • Turn off your work phone once you leave work.
  • If your coworkers have to reach you for a work-related emergency, have them call you on a different number.
  • Instead of answering your work email at night, save answering your emails until first thing in the morning.

Staying at Work Late

While sometimes during projects with tight deadlines you may need to actually spend more time at work, avoid staying late just to finish up nonessentials. I’ve been guilty of it myself, but trust me: Your nonessential work can wait until morning. Staying late at your desk to complete work deprives you of important quality time for both yourself and your family. Save that stuff until later. Give these strategies a shot:

  • When the end of the workday rolls around, only finish the essentials.
  • Let your coworkers know that you are heading out promptly at the end of your day.
  • Set a timer on your work computer.
  • Address any additional issues well before the end of your day.

Not Taking Enough Breaks

It’s important to split up your day so that you can stay productive. Believe it or not, with regular short breaks, you can get more done. Keep these ideas in mind:

  • Take a morning break to get a cup of coffee.
  • Use a timer to keep track of your time away.
  • Make sure to take a walk away from your desk from time to time.

Your Move

These tips can help you find a great balance in a busy week. It can be done between work and life. I hope they help you in your daily endeavors.

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