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8 Flags You Might Be A Workaholic

8 Flags You Might Be a Workaholic (And what to do about it)

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I’ve always joked that I’m a workaholic. There’s also a lot of truth in this statement that I am a workaholic.  The definition of a workaholic is a person who works compulsively at the expense of other pursuits. While I don’t consider this a negative thing because I am a perfectionist and high achiever. Though I find satisfaction in finishing tasks I’ve set out for the day, there are caution flags to stay above the red line and know if you might be a workaholic.

8 Flags You Might Be A Workaholic

Hello, You might be a workaholic

1. First In, Last Out

Have you ever seen that one person in the office who’s always sitting at their desk and well into their work, even when you made it to the office early? And to top it off, as you’re leaving, they’re still sitting there? These are the folks that put in more hours than everyone else. Prior to having kids, I was THAT person.

2. Lunch, what lunch?

There’s no time to eat when there’s a ton of work to be had. This just means it’s eating on the job in front of the desk.

3. Don’t take Breaks

Stepping away from the desk and tasks gives a chance to be refreshed, and unwind from any sticky tasks. Not only arriving early and leaving late, choosing not to have breaks in between is a high confirmation of a workaholic.

4. Work, work, work

When was the last time you went out with friends and work wasn’t the topic? Do you have hobbies or interests that you commit to outside of work? If you can’t say yes to either of these, you need to put the working fork down.

5. Dreaming of Work

Ever had the problem that your mind continuously thinks about work? What’s worse is when you doze off and you’re still dreaming of work. It’s normal to have occasional work dreams from time to time, but work obsession in your dreams is a sign you need a long overdue vacation.

6. A Micromanager

It’s hard for a workaholic to let go of their workload and delegate even when they are drowning under all the numerous tasks, however, it will be the best decision to make.

7. Stress is the game

When “not enough sleep” meets “too much work” is a recipe for stress. Stress comes in many forms and takes a toll on your body that if left unchecked over time, can harm you and those around you.

8. Your Health is in jeopardy

This is the most critical of the flags. When you’re overworked with the combination of the above 7 flags, overwork takes its toll not only on your body but your mind as well. It brings many health problems that can be associated with depression, anxiety, headaches, weak immune systems, and much more. Always have a threshold that can never be crossed to save yourself some pain.

How to Change, if you might be a workaholic

If the descriptions painted a good picture of you or someone you know, it’s time to set some boundaries for work/life balance. Find a mentor, a friend, or someone you trust who can help keep you accountable. Don’t let work chain you down by picking up hobbies, set out schedules to help keep you free. Were any of these points useful?

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