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Your Business Grows When You Know What To Let Go

Your Business Grows When You Know What To Let Go

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Growing your business is an adventure. It is an investment of time, nurture, and risk. It requires us to show up every day. Particularly in the early years of business, it’s common for a solopreneur to wear all the hats in their business. We owned it from start to finish because we had to. But as you begin to grow, you need to know what to let go of and allow others to help you build your business and dreams.

When I started my consulting business in 2005, I love learning about every aspect of my business. I felt in control of my business, and that I truly owned it. From building a business plan to building quotes and developing my website, I did it all. Tight control meant everything had to be perfect before I was satisfied with it.

Your Business Grows When You Know What To Let Go

This ended up costing me a lot of time and spending my energy and taking my focus away from important things. Such as securing clients and work. Part of this perfectionism resulted from fear. I worried about making a mistake that would make me less of professional. Nothing would go out until it was close to perfect and accurate. Well, let me tell you, I wish I knew then what I know now, that it’s about progress and not perfection.

When it comes to your own work, you naturally feel more precious about it. It’s part of our nature to want to make it perfect before releasing it. But when you are at the edge where you can’t do it all yourself any longer, you must let go of tasks and the little things for your business to grow.

You may have decided it’s time to start building your dream team if:

  • You’re increasingly overwhelmed with the minor day-to-day tasks. You can’t break free of them to focus on your next course, service or product creation.
  • You’re trying to do everything and instead end up completing nothing.
  • You’re progressing slowly and know you need a second set of hands to speed things up.
  • You’re ready to rely on the experts so that you can focus your energy and time on building your business.

Grow With Trust

If you’ve made the decision to grow your business by adding team members, you’ll need to be able to work collaboratively and cohesively. Be clear and concise with instructions and details brings synergy and success. It may take some time at the beginning of the collaboration for everyone to find their footing. A delegation is a form of trust not easily given. Especially if we’ve felt we were able to do it successfully on our own for so long.

It’s essential that you do trust your team. They are specialists that you hired. It’s an exercise and opportunity to allow your business to grow when you know what to let go of.

When you let go and trust others to support you and your business, you can experience benefits such as:

  • Focus helping clients with their struggles, challenges, and bringing new solutions to them.
  • Finding time to go on an extended balanced vacation (let’s face it, we still tend to add a little mix of work at times!)
  • Feeling less pressure – not having to go at it all alone.
  • Developing new products to bring in more profits and launch your business growth to the next level.

Do you Know What To Let Go Of?

Letting go brings about various thoughts and feelings. If you do not deal with those, it may affect the performance of your team. They can tell when you don’t trust them. They can tell when you’re trying to micromanage everything.

If you are starting to build your dream team or thinking about it, this exercise may come at the perfect time for you. It could also be a refresher for you if you already have team members.

Your Move

Wearing all the hats gives us total control, but can also bring more stress, pressure and high expectations of ourselves. Take a moment to reflect what you need to let go of in your business today.

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