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Find Success When You Discover Your Passion

Discover Your Passion and Find Your Success

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In the last few years, I’ve noticed more and more a struggle the younger generation faces as we continue to progress in our digital era and technology-driven culture. There’s a challenge to discover your passion and it’s not as easy with all the distractions we face, but you can find success with it.

Your life lacks a deeper purpose if you are not doing what you love.

At times, I forget how fast time flies by between when we last saw our loved ones until now. We had the blessing to have our cousins and family come and spend time with us with a Video Game day. It’s a tradition that my husband hosted with his younger cousins since he had moved out on his own during his mid-20s. We found no reason to stop if anything we found a stronger reason to continue; to strengthen or remind us of the bond of family.

Often when I see my younger cousin-in-law, we are able to bare our honest opinions to one another about where we are in life and have general discussions related to career and work. He expressed to me that he’s on a new journey, venturing into a new territory in Sales, hoping to gain the social skills that he can focus on to grow himself.

Find Success When You Discover Your Passion

As the conversation progressed, we started discussing passion, and I was glad I was able to give him an insight into my experience. So I gave him a few tips that could help him along the way.

Discover your Passion and Find Your Success

Career and Personality Tests

It’s important that while we look back through our childhood to see what we loved doing the most, who we grew up to be may be completely different. Career and Personality Tests are great tools that can help you learn and understand the current you and your core values. I personally loved the Colour Test for Personality to discover your passion; it described my character well, helped me understand the various nature of the working population; who would I thrive the most with, and who I should be cautious about if I want to maintain my positivity and motivation. Career tests can be very interesting to show you where your strengths are, where you excel and give light to areas that you may not have thought about. While they may not be a requirement, the more you know yourself the easier success may find you.

Construct a “Creativity Board”

With a large poster board or blank paper, write your name in the center and work outwards. Surround it with inspiration, collages, images, and intentions that you resonate with, or brings a level of emotion. As your board evolves, you will find focus and clarity in seeing what is missing, and use your imagination to fill it. Within this activity, on the backside of the board, make a list of people who you want to mirror, whether it’s a successful entrepreneur or a high-ranking business person, etc. Study them, if they have books or autobiography, learn their secrets and find your success.

Start Doing What You Love

A lot of people wait until they have a career or business plan in place but fail to let their ideas see the light of day. Start doing what you enjoy, even if it’s not making you money yet. Build your network and plan during this time, and ask for feedback to define and refine your passion and plan. It’s a way to overcome your fear and allow you to witness the difference your contribution makes and the value you bring.

Discovering Your Passion May Not Be Easy

For some, they may know it deep within their bones what they were born to do and their life mission, while others take their whole life to discover their passion and life calling. Everyone’s journey is their own, and if you are still on your own journey to discover your passion, don’t be anxious and feel discouraged by measuring someone else’s story to yours.

Discovering Your Passion Journey

Don’t be afraid to make detours along the way, or “mistakes“. If you have learned something along the way, it holds a great value that you can share with someone someday when the time is right. Don’t be too concerned as well if you find that your passion has changed or evolved. Our story will always grow and change and who we were yesterday may not be who we will be tomorrow.

I hope that these words bring encouragement to you if you find that you are going through your own journey at this time. If this resonates with you, please reach out to me I would love to get to know your story and connect with you. Let’s discover your passion and success together.

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  • Great advice! I am off to take the color test. I’ve been having issues as a blogger, figuring out WHO it is exactly that I want to attract. Thanks!

  • Wonderful post! I fully agree with everything you said. It seems like success is always defined by how much money you can make or your title, but in reality, it should be defined by doing what you love and enjoying every second of it.

    • You are absolutely correct Eryn! As we go through schooling or training, sometimes we forget where our passion lies but it’s never too late to find it in life as long as you are desiring and searching for it. It’s important to keep doing what we love, or find love in what we’re doing.

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