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5 Super-Smart Slack Integrations That Will Improve Your Workflow And Your Life

5 Super-Smart Slack Integrations That Will Improve Your Workflow (And Your Life)

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Slack is one of the most widely-used workplace communication platforms. With more than 10 million active daily users and more than 1 billion messages sent per week via the chat tool, it is safe to say Slack has been well-received and will likely maintain its sterling reputation.

But what makes Slack so highly-regarded?

There a few different factors that add to its appeal. From the playful, user-focused design, to the topic-segmented chat channels and the super-useful “All Unread” feature— Slack is full of delightful surprises.

For this purposes of this blog posts, though, I’ll be focusing on the great many Slack integrations that users can employ to enhance their experience with the platform even further. And, while we’re on the topic, it’s worth mentioning that there are currently more than 1,500 apps that pair with the platform, with more being added on a regular basis.

Today I’ll be taking a closer look at the best Slack integrations for boosting productivity.

Slack Scheduler

This one is pretty straightforward. Slack Scheduler allows you to schedule any Slack message to be sent at a later time. Whether it’s a private chat message to a coworker or an update in a group channel, your messages will be delivered exactly when you decide. This is an excellent feature for business owners who have remote team members in different time zones. Just set your messages to be sent according to their local time and voila! No more missed communications.


The larger your team becomes, the more difficult it is to keep track of people’s schedules, time off, birthdays, etc. But with TimeBot, there’s no reason to worry. It’s a scheduling integration that sends you summary reports, updates on who’s in and out of the office, and employee vacation notifications, all within Slack. How awesome is that?

Lunch Train

This is another one of the Slack integrations that was built by Slack itself, so users can be assured it works seamlessly. Lunch Train makes it easy to coordinate lunch plans with your team. Simply suggest a restaurant and a notification will be send to your coworkers asking if they’re “on board” or not. They can then add their orders from within Slack, without having to open up a web browser or drop by your office. Super convenient! Plus, it cuts down on distraction time (always a bonus in the productivity department). This is definitely one of the best Slack apps for boosting employee satisfaction in a simple, easy way.

Simple Poll

Simple Poll makes gathering feedback a breeze. This integration allows users to create native polls within the Slack app. This means that team members can provide responses within Slack, quickly and conveniently. Plus, it offers additional capabilities like anonymous polls, vote limitation (one vote per person), and decision records (a history of all your poll results).


Have you ever been using Slack, left your desk, and forgot to change your stats to “away”? Or tried to message a team member who appeared to be online only to get dead silence in return? This is a common experience for Slack users— and one that Oliv can fix! Oliv sets your Slack status for you based on your work calendar, letting your colleagues know when you’re in a meeting, out for lunch, or on a phone call. It’s one of the best Slack integrations on the market for the busy business owner.

Get Started with Slack Integrations Today

Are you interested in using the best Slack apps to improve your workflow in 2020? If you have questions about how to get started or which Slack integrations are worth investing in, I can assist you. I work with clients to implement online tools that increase productivity and streamline internal processes.

I have seen first-hand how the right platforms help business owners shift from organized to optimized.

When entrepreneurs can depend on the systems they’ve put in place to function correctly, they are able to maintain confidence as industry leaders and live a life that is in harmony with their personal and professional values.

So…  are you ready to stop doing everything yourself, reduce your workload and start using the right tools so that you can enjoy freedom in your business?

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