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5 Ways to use Systems in Your Personal Life PT

Use Systems In Your Personal Life In 5 Ways

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Systems aren’t only used in business. There are Systems In Your Personal Life from your every day functions to running schedules and projects — especially in your personal projects! How can you keep all of those ideas and concepts together, organized and easy to digest?

“What?? That just happened?? Did I miss something??”

Life can be unpredictable.

Systems don’t have to just only work for your business. There is a place for systems in your personal life that can support you in your everyday activities.

5 Ways to use Systems in Your Personal Life PT

The Effect of Systems in Your Personal Life

Whether you’re a person who loves to know what to expect for the day, or if you’re looking for structure, here are some ideas of how systems can assist you in your everyday life.

Vacation Planning System

  • I use Trello to plan my vacations. It’s great to give me an idea of where to start, what needs to get done, and how long I will need to get it done.
  • Add checklists on attractions, things to pack, things to remember – all gathered together in one place for the upcoming trip.
  • A bird’s eye view of where things are currently at, and events and activities that are booked.

Personal Finance System

  • Trello just happens to be the perfect board to keep track of these donations.
  • Do you know when you last paid your bills? Are you keeping track of your donations throughout the year?
  • Attach your donation receipts all in one place, so they’re easy to find and accessible during tax season.

Home Project System

  • I keep track of all the home projects we take on, the progress, and what we can defer based on our budget – all done through Trello.
  • Whether it’s home gardening, renovations, plan the details of your projects.
  • Build checklists, and assign tasks, to get things done on time and budget.

Health Goal System

  • Planning a summer full of activities? Put your schedule on your Trello board so you can see when and where things are going to happen.
  • Track your progress, milestones.
  • It’s important to celebrate your wins and what you’ve achieved so far this year and, if you’re competitive, it’s a great foundation to launch you into the following year.

Home Schedule System

  • If you’re a parent to active children, this would be the best system to have in place.
  • Games and schedules. Easily schedule in who is responsible for going where.
  • Plan for long-term goals and events.

Your Move: Systems In Your Personal Life

Do you use systems in your personal life? I’d love to hear about them! If you’re interested in my Trello boards, comment YES below! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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