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Fast-Track Your Success By Joining an Entrepreneurial Support Network

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Creative CEOs, consultants, and agency owners are bold risk takers and out-of-the-box thinkers.They commit to their craft wholeheartedly, pouring everything they have into their entrepreneurial pursuit.

Unfortunately, however, even the most devoted and optimistic creative business owners can lose momentum and feel fatigued.

Thus, the question becomes: “What can creative entrepreneurs do to maintain their motivation, reconnect with their purpose, and break through mental roadblocks?”

In my experience, there is one solution that exceeds all others in terms of efficacy— joining an entrepreneurial support network.

But what does that mean, exactly? And where can these networks be found?

I’ll be providing answers to these questions today!

What is an Entrepreneurial Support Network?

An entrepreneurial support network is any formal gathering of like-minded business owners where collaboration, feedback, and information sharing are prioritized.

What are the Benefits of Joining an Entrepreneur Community?

There are a wide range of reasons why creative CEOs and consultants choose to be part of an entrepreneurial support network.

Below are some of the most compelling advantages:

1. Shared Knowledge

Entrepreneurs of all experience levels can join an entrepreneur community, giving members an opportunity to seek feedback from creative CEOs, consultants and agency owners who have already encountered a particular problem, growth phase, or hurdle. But valuable advice doesn’t just come from those who are further along in their entrepreneurial journey— many members benefit from seeking input from others who specialize in industries or skills that aren’t their personal strength.

2. Partnership Opportunities

Do you need help designing a new logo for your business? Designing an app? Or planning a major event? An entrepreneur community is the best way to connect with creative business owners who offer the services you’re seeking. Whether you’re looking for a go-to provider for an ongoing working relationship or support for a one-time project, there is no greater resource than a network of credible, experienced consultants and agency owners.

3. Inspiration

Did you know that 77 per cent of individuals who belong to an entrepreneur community say the group inspires them to overcome challenges in their business?

This is one of the most valuable perks of belonging to a network of go-getters. Our businesses, much like any other responsibility in our lives, can become burdensome if we do not find ways to refocus, re-energize, and rekindle our love for our work.

Simply sharing small successes, receiving words of encouragement, and connecting with others who can relate to your current circumstances can be enough to give you the new strength you need to continue moving forward.

Where Can I Find a Community for Creative Entrepreneurs Like Me?

It’s a common misconception that CEOs, consultants, and contractors need to attend a physical, in-person meeting in order to fully benefit from an entrepreneurial support network.

Virtual communities can be just as high-impact!

There are countless entrepreneur groups on Facebook and other social media platforms that welcome new members and provide a ton of value.

Joining an online community is a fantastic idea for busy entrepreneurs who need a convenient (but still effective) way to connect.

The Creative CEO Core

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Here’s What Current Members Are Saying About The Group

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