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3 Client Onboarding Challenges a Welcome Video Can Fix

Client onboarding is one of the most important processes in any business. This is because the first stage of the client life cycle sets the stage for what they can expect moving forward.

If new clients aren’t satisfied with how they are initially welcomed, they will be more skeptical of next steps and begin to question the business relationship they’ve formed with your company.

Thus, to ensure new clients receive value and support immediately, business owners must prioritize onboarding as a success milestone.

But there simple, easy-to-implement ways to enhance your customer onboarding experience? Or do you have to completely rework your entire strategy?

Now is the time to breathe a sigh of relief.

There are ways you can strengthen client onboarding without investing large amounts of time, energy, or money.

A welcome video is one of those ways.

What makes video so effective?

Firstly, the fact that 72 per cent of people prefer to watch a video when learning about a product or service.

Secondly, studies have shown that that after three days, people retain only 10-20 per cent of written or spoken information but almost 65 per cent of visual information.

These statistics are evidence that if you want your new customers to truly understand and absorb your approach to client onboarding, video is superior choice.

Let’s take a closer look at the some of the challenges businesses face when onboarding a client and how video video addresses each of these issues.

The 3 Major Client Onboarding Problems (And How a Welcome Video Solves Them)

1. Unclear Expectations

In many cases, when business get started with new clients, they fail to clarify goals, objectives, and any further procedures. This can leave customers wondering how to interact with the company, when results will be seen, and how customer satisfaction will be measured.

This can be incredibly detrimental, especially when you consider that in one study, 20 percent of businesses said they lost between 26 and 50 percent of new business opportunities as a result of issues during onboarding.


Welcome videos can eliminate confusion, clearly defining when your new clients can expect to hear from you, what their next steps are, what success milestones you have set to keep the project on track, and so much more.

Videos are also great because clients can re-watch them at any time and refresh their memory regarding the objectives and phases of their account.

2. Lost Time

Another major issue businesses face in regards to their onboarding processes is time. The longer a new client waits to receive information about next phases, policies, etc, the more the company’s customer success rate will drop. In fact, some studies estimate businesses will lose up to 75 percent of new customers within the first week. This is why it is so crucial for entrepreneurs to make a meaningful connection as soon as possible.


Welcome videos can be prerecorded and sent with one click of a button. This is ideal for business owners and team members who are busy with other daily responsibilities. In fact, to take it one step further, you can set your video up to automatically be sent within a specific time frame after a new client signs up for your product or service— eliminating the need to remember to hit “send”. By doing so, you’ll ensure that your onboarding process is standardized for all new clients, and that everyone receives the same value-adding information within the first few days of the client journey.

3. Knowledge Gap

As business owners, we often forget that not everyone is as immersed and as knowledgeable about our business as we are. New clients are looking at our product or service with fresh eyes and very little existing insight into how it works. Thus, it’s extremely important that we provide new clients with the training and step-by-step guidance they require if we want to guarantee customer success.


Videos are an highly-effective training tool. You can use software platforms to record your screen and walk your new clients through the process of using the various tools and programs you’ll be utilizing to serve them. This is particularly beneficial for clients who aren’t super tech-savvy, or for those who haven’t used these programs before.

Videos also allow business owners to include diagrams, timelines, and other high-impact visual elements to communicate details that may be more difficult to understand via text alone.

Remember, visuals have been found to improve learning by up to 400 percent. By incorporating graphics and other elements into your welcome video, you will make it easier for new customers to gain in-depth comprehension and lay a strong foundation to build upon as you move forward together.

Now that you are familiar with the powerful results a welcome video can generate for your onboarding process, you can begin brainstorming what information is most vital to your new customers and working on a script.

I highly encourage you to consider which questions new clients ask you most frequently. This is often the best place to start when developing your script.

Are you interested in learning more onboarding tips and tricks?

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