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Building Your Marketing Business Systems

Build Your Marketing Business Systems

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Marketing is one of the most dreaded tasks for 60% of entrepreneurs.

A large portion of this statistic struggle to understand what marketing is, how to market, and all that is involved. Either you get it right off the bat, or it becomes a journey to fully understanding it, embrace it, and make it work for your business.

Marketing isn’t a one-man show and is never meant to go at it alone.

Marketing has become a part of my own journey.

When I first started, all I really knew was blogging and social media. Even then, my knowledge was limited in what it could do for my business. Steadily I realized that these channels and mediums contributed to my expertise online, and I began to become known for my expertise; business strategies, career development, and website development. Times have changed and marketing has evolved traditional channels to the online arena.

Building Your Marketing Business Systems

What makes up Marketing Business Systems?

Marketing involves the critical areas of:

  1. Blogging
  2. Social Media
  3. Newsletters
  4. Media Mentions
  5. Advertising Campaigns

When it comes to your marketing, stay focused on your profit-building productivity.

  1. The activities you’re performing contribute to your visibility

    • Establishes your expertise in your industry
    • Gives your audience a deeper insight into who you are, who you serve, what you can do and why you do it
  2. Batch your content and activities.

    • Target your tasks to create momentum in short bursts and swoop
    • USE A TIMER! I personally love using the Pomodoro Timer, which allows you to work in 25 min increments with a 5-minute break in-between.
  3. Focus on one at a time – sequence after!

    • What does this mean? If you have one blog post written, then create a plan for when it will be posted on social media, when it will be in a newsletter, media mention, etc.
  4. Review Your Analytics

    • You won’t know if your marketing is effective, and consumable, l without reviewing the metrics
    • Understand your data because that is what your audience is telling you

    • It’s super easy to over complicate the marketing process, so keep things simple!
    • Make checklists short and to the point.

Benefits of Marketing Business Systems

A documented framework can easily be stored in tools such as Evernote, Asana, or even your website. The hard part is done, which is documenting and ensuring that this framework is successful.

Having these frameworks and not using them is like buying a new bike but not riding it. Don’t let excuses keep you from implementing these marketing business systems to maximize your visibility online.

If you follow the process and framework, you’ll be reaping the massive benefits.

Your Move

Marketing covers a vast range of tools, techniques, and approaches. Which ones have you adopted and implemented your business?

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